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Ten Suggestions On How To Create A Persuasive Essay On Juvenile Justice

A persuasive essay is meant to convince the reader about a particular issue or idea. Usually, you are required to write essays about issues that you are interested in. You have the advantage that you can express your own beliefs and bring arguments to support them. Juvenile justice is not an easy topic, and you need reliable knowledge and tact to approach it, no matter what opinion you have about it.

  1. Before anything else, chose the particular ideas that you will analyze. There are many aspects that can be introduced in your paper, but you need to have a clear image in mind before you make any progress.
  2. Study the legal point of view. If you want to convince somebody of a particular idea, you need to bring solid arguments. Knowing the law can be very useful, so make sure you know the regulations applied in your country.
  3. Be realistic. Even if you are not objective, you need to be realistic and balanced. Don’t make exaggerated statements or bring arguments that can be confusing for the reader. Express your point of view clear and concise.
  4. Discuss with people who have experience. A psychologist would be an excellent choice; in this way you can understand better the criminal behavior of underage offenders. He can also give you examples of potential dangerous actions.
  5. What are the punishments? In some countries, there are jails only for underage offenders while in others they are obligated to go to therapy and counseling. Express your opinion regarding the punishment that juvenile offenders should receive and why.
  6. Prevention. Discuss about some measures that the parents can take to correct deviant behavior. The teachers have an important role in this issue, or it’s not in their attributions?
  7. Social support. How do others treat recovered delinquents? Are they receiving the necessary support from friends, family, and professors?
  8. Do you think that the parents should be punished? There are cases when young teenagers commit infractions because they are not well supervised by their parents.
  9. Legal defendants. Is it necessary to have specific lawyers for underage offenders, or any other lawyer can represent them in the court?
  10. Drug addiction. How should we deal with young people who are addicted to drugs or alcohol? Should they follow another treatment than adults?