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Choosing Proper Vocabulary For A Compare And Contrast Essay

Finding the right vocabulary for your essay can be tricky, especially when you're meant to compare and contrast. There are only so many words in the dictionary. How many different phrases can you use? That's just it; compare, and contrast essays are supposed to evaluate the similarities of two subjects. If you have your subjects already chosen then you are well on your way to completing your project.

If you don't have your subjects chosen yet then, I can hand you a few ideas. You can compare two historical figures, two movies, two books or whatever strikes your fancy. There are so many topics that you could go with. Pick one that inspires you; one that you know you can make good comparisons with. It will make your essay that much easier to write. If you're passionate about your subject then it hardly seems like work, does it?

Now you need the words to go with your subjects. Using proper spelling and grammar is a must, but that's a bit obvious. If you're no sure what words or phrases to use ten, I will list as many as I can. That way you can mix and match them to your own liking. It's not a bad idea to use the same wording multiple times; just don't let your essay become too repetitive. That's where it will get boring, and you will lose your readers.

Here are some words to use when you're making comparisons:

  • Like
  • Same
  • Both
  • The same as
  • Similar
  • In the same way
  • Similarly
  • As well as

Now here are some words to use when you're making contrasts:

  • Although
  • However
  • Differ
  • Unlike
  • On the other hand
  • Whereas
  • While
  • Unless
  • The reverse

If you've used these up and needed more – or if none of them are right for the feel of your essay – then I suggest using a thesaurus or using a search engine. You might have better luck there.

Remember to make clear points. You shouldn't use vague language. You writing should also be kept to using the third person. It will give your essay a professional feel.

While you are free to write from your own personal views, you shouldn't use any kind of language that might be considered an offense. Stick with facts and solid proof.