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The Main Do's And Don'ts Of Writing A Discursive Essay

A discursive essay is a type of writing where formal English is used to put forward discussion on a particular topic. It is a type of logical writing which is clear and focused on the particular topic that you choose to write. The framework of the thesis should be well structured and should make sense. The lines should be catchy enough to grab the attention of the reader from the first line.

With every point you should be able to provide with proven examples to support your argument. Before writing this type of essay you should prepare yourself and gather information about the topic on which you will write. While writing this type of thesis, you need to be careful about few points which are absolutely not acceptable in this form of writing.

How to prepare?

When you are writing, you are discussing your topic. Check this site. Here are few tips to help you prepare:

  • Understand the question, interpret both aspects of the argument
  • Prepare a short but informative introduction. Your introduction should provide the information about the topic to be discussed.
  • Research on your topic
  • Note the points to be discussed for both the aspects
  • Provide with illustrated manifest for your points
  • Your conclusion should summarize your full thesis.

What are the main do’s?

  • The sentences should be short and informative
  • Use proper formal English words. Avoid using informal and slang English words
  • You are discussing facts, try and use objectifying language
  • Write in passive voice
  • Provide arguments for both: For and Against
  • Each point should be presented in a new paragraph
  • Use logical sequencing
  • Try and use linking articulate and words
  • Provide example for every reason
  • Take responsibility for what you write
  • You should name your sources

What are the main don’ts?

  • Avoid using personalized pronoun
  • Avoid using short forms like i.e., etc.
  • Avoid using too many emotional phrases
  • Avoid using too many cliché
  • Avoid using too many generalized examples
  • Avoid using personal experience
  • Avoid emphasizing too much personal view
  • Avoid using informal or slang English language
  • Avoid using active voice
  • Avoid exaggerated and lengthy examples
  • Avoid plagiarizing

Consider all the points when you write a discursive essay. It’s not a normal type of thesis so be very careful about what you write and always support your points with sound and real facts. This is also one of the most rigorous measures you will have to adopt.