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25 Interesting College-Level Descriptive Essay Topics

Descriptive essay writing offers great practice for creative writing. You can choose your topic based on what you feel comfortable writing details about. You can choose a topic that offers insight on something you know about well. Once you have a good topic writing the essay is simple. Students commonly get overwhelmed selecting a topic since there are so many to choose from. Your personal interests can help you brainstorm ideas quickly. The following tips give insight on what you can do developing a topic along with possible writing ideas.

How to Create Your Own Descriptive Essay Topic

Creating a descriptive essay topic is not difficult but it can be challenging for students. Many simply become overwhelmed due to the large amount of possible ideas. Others quickly get intimidated because they know their writing skills are less than perfect. Your idea can come from something as simple as brainstorming. You can think about an event, a person or something you want. Review all essential details related to this thought and consider how you would write about it on paper.

Using Example Descriptive Essay Paper for Ideas

Example papers offer insight students often find helpful. There are thousands of examples available free through academic databases online. You can find similar content through academic writing reference books and homework help sites. The idea is to get a visual on what you can do for your assignment. Students may get inspired to write more about a topic they found through reading and note taking. College students are expected to provide more in-depth details about their topic. This element should be in mind when considering ideas that will help you meet academic standards set by your school.

25 Basic Ideas to Inspire Your Own Descriptive Essay Topic

Here are 25 simple ideas for added essay writing inspiration.

  1. A bike ride.
  2. A bus ride.
  3. A car ride.
  4. Favorite restaurant.
  5. Favorite television show.
  6. Favorite movie.
  7. Childhood memory.
  8. A bad dream.
  9. A good dream.
  10. When you graduated.
  11. Your idol.
  12. Play acting.
  13. A favorite store.
  14. A picture.
  15. First love.
  16. Traveling.
  17. A flower garden.
  18. A work day.
  19. Favorite piece of jewelry.
  20. A good luck charm.
  21. Childbirth.
  22. Moving to a new home.
  23. The beach.
  24. Daydream experience.
  25. Winning a competition.