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Maseratti Recalls Its Certain 2012 Models Due To Low Tire Pressure Situation

Maserati announced in October of 2012 that its recalling its lineup of the Quatrroporte model and the Gran Turismo in what the company cited as due to software issues. The malfunction was in the (TPMS) tire pressure monitoring system. The recall notice was issued by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and it affected the vehicles that had low pressure on the tire. The impact of low pressure on a driven car can cause severe damage. This may affect the expensive tire and consequently very expensive to fix. Maserati announced that it was recalling the affected vehicles in order to fix the TPMS control unit. However, there was no complain regarding the matter or accidents due to the problem but Maserati still didi recall a total of 485 cars including the Quattroportes and Gran Turismos. NHTSA press release statement that was reported on October 9, 2012 cited that the TPMS malfunction was due to a software complication and that it prevented the driver from being alerted of a low pressure problem. The consequences of the low pressure according to the press release statement issued was that if the driver operated the vehicle with the low tire pressure, then the chances of a crash was more likely.

NHTSA also noted that Maserati will notify the car dealers and owners that it will rectify the problem and fix the TPMS free of charge. The process began early November in the same year of 2012. In addition, to solving the low pressure problem, NHTSA also issued a call number that owners may contact Maserati; the number was 1-201-816-2600. Consequently, in arrangements to replace the TPMS control, owners were issued a compaign number by Maserati and NHTSA hotline at 1-888-327-4236.

Subsequently, Maserati has had a past of recalling its cars due to one problem or the other. In 2010, it recalled the GranTurismo due to malfunction of the exterior lighting. The rear lights and the brake failed. In comparison to 2012, it also announces that it is recalling and notifying the car owners that it will fix the problem free of charge, and further issued a hotline. In 2009, it also recalled the cars with the same problem of the faulty rear lights. The GranTurismo model and the Quattroporte were also recalled due to steering problems and again Maserati performed a wheel alignment free of charge. The same year saw the company recall the GranTurismo model due to the electrical sytem failure and instrument panel. The vehicles were manufactured with faulty seatbelts functionality and the company adviced the car dealers to upload a new software in the vehicle’s unit that would solve the problem. in 2008, the Gran Turismo was recalled for a number of issues from air bags faulty, suspension problem, control arm, exterior lighting, rear suspension and in all the problem was rectified free of charge.

Since 2005, the GraanTurismos have been recalled at least 7 times due to faults within various components of the vehicle including the regulating system and the pressure monitoring. 7,438 cars (Quattroportes and GranTurismo vehicles) were recalled from 2005 -2008 due to vatious components problem, this is in accordance to the NHTSA. The recall also affected the Alfa Romeos sold in the United States. The NHTSA noted that the vehicles had lacked a credible amount of anti-corossion material that allowed them to become weak. Even luxurious cars like Maserati do have problems. This was seen when the Italian manufacturer recalled the GranTurismo and Quattroporte sedans due to to the faulty tire pressure system. Maserati vehicles have prices as from $120,000.

The recall of Maserati's Quattroportes and Gran Turismos models in 2012 was largely due to problems with the tire pressure monitoring system. Even though no accidents had been reported by NHTSA and Maserati regarding the low pressure fault on their vehicles, the company cited the importance of the recall in order to enhance the safety measures of the driver in the process of avoiding fatality. This is a good approach by the company but still a more suitable approach should be considered by Maserati in avoiding the numerous recalls the company implements. One suitable approach is the ‘energy harvester approach. It is also imperative to realize that the company has also made imperative strides throughout the years in efforts to enhance its tire operations. The winter tires is also a commendable achievement in low temperature conditions.