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Writing A Winning Biographical Narrative Essay: How To Impress Your Professors

Biographical narrative essays are tough because they are not a type of academic work that is commonly set by teachers and professors. This means that the style and format will come less naturally to you than other types of work. Here, therefore, are key tips on creating brilliant biographical narrative essays that will really wow your professors.

  • Be creative
  • It can be all too easy to assume that all your professor wants is a plain, normal essay about a certain famous person, whether set by them or selected by you. However, if you really want to impress the people marking your work, try to experiment a bit and be a little bit more creative than your fellow students. Try, for example, composing your work in a style that your subject would have employed. If you are writing about a poet, try writing in the style of the poetry. Similarly for a playwright, write your essay in the style of a play. Try to think outside the box in order to score those really high marks and really stand out from the rest of the crowd.

  • Pick an interesting perspective
  • Your subject (the person you are writing about) will no doubt have been written about before since they are no doubt very famous. Since they’ve been written about before, just another biography might be a bit boring. Therefore, it’s time to think about that famous person from a different perspective, or focus on different aspects of their lives than those that are normally discussed in these sorts of essays. Try to focus on a particular thing that they are not particularly well known about your subject and discuss that, rather than talking about the usual events and successes.

  • Try to have fun with it!
  • If you enjoy researching and writing about your subject, it will shine through your writing. You tutor will clearly see it, and your grades will reflect it. If you have a choice about who to focus on, focus on someone whom you really admire. That passion will leak through into your research and your writing, and you’ll be able and willing to go that extra mile in order to make your biographical narrative essay the best it possibly can be, and almost certainly better than the rest of those in your class. It will really impress your professor, and you’ll be remembered for the effort and energy you put into this assignment.