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An Academic Tutorial That Will Guide You Through Writing A Simple Essay

Essay writing is a simple endeavour. It obeys rules that are easy to understand and follow and require only a tiny bit of patience to learn. If you have not yet learned such rules, you will find them below explained in uncomplicated language. They are as follows:

Come up with a list of ideas

Everything begins with imagination. Think about things you would like to write about. Does nature appeal to you? Are you a fan of sports? Jot down your thoughts as they come to you, no need to analyse yet. Just let them flow freely until you think you have enough.

Separate them into essay topics

Some of the ideas you came up with may stand alone and create essay topics while others may combine quite nicely to make a topic you would not have arrived at by any other means.

Select the one you want to start writing

Sometimes you will know immediately what you should write. If not, look for the absolute worst of the lot and cross it out. Keep doing this until only one topic remains.

Prepare an introduction

Essays begin with introductions. These provide a method for preparing the reader for the direction you intend to take throughout the essay. It sets the stage for the points you will make to support your premise. It can excite the reader, offend, bore or amuse depending on how it is written so special care should be taken that it doesn’t prejudice the reader against you.

Write and support your points

The points of your essay support its main theme. Depending on the style of essay writing you employ, they may be based on anecdotes or full of quotes from actual research. You will have to decide which route you take.

Create a conclusion

The conclusion of an essay ties together all the loose ends and shows what you make of the information you have discussed, that is, what ‘conclusion’ you drew. Be succinct, introduce nothing new and wherever possible, be firm.

Make proper references

If you are very young, your teacher may not require you to cite the people whose work you have mentioned. It is still good practice, especially because it can result in you getting lower grades or other penalties if you neglect this step in college.

With these steps followed you will undoubtedly have created a simple essay. Other way is to hire professional essay writer.