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Things Fall Apart

This is considered as a major work and marked a significant milestone in literature in Africa. This piece of literature was done by Nigerian Chinua Achebe. The novel is written in simple styles and thus easy to read and understand. It depicts disagreements, quarrels and conflict among the Igbo people and also their traditions including their ways of life. It also shows how the Europeans succeeded in bringing Christianity to the country and other parts of Africa and how this influenced the changes in laws and governments of African nations. The novel was written in English language. The writer is very keen in the selection of words from character and situations description.

Okwonkwo’s Masculine Values

Okwonkwo is one of the major characters in the novel. He was a clan’s man in the village of Umuofa and he was a wrestler. He succeeded his father, Unoko. Okwonkwo was much more respected in the clan as compared to his father Unoko. Okwonkwo had the motivation to work hard and not be like his father who was spendthrift and careless. Unoko had the tendency to borrow large amounts of cash from others. He, however, was not usually able to meet the payback deadlines. He was also very weak in battles and clan battle handling. His behavior and character in the novel is considered and labeled womanish. This made Okwonkwo a hard worker with the aim of never being like his father. Okwonkwo wanted to be strong and successful in order to earn respect in his clan. He did not want to be labeled a coward as his father, Unoka. Okwonkwo thus got intolerable and even kept beating up his wives. His strengths slowly turned to weakness.

Coming of Christian Missionaries

For seven years, Okwonkwo is exiled from Umofia for killing a clan’s man accidentally. On returning many changes had taken place in the village. Missionaries had already entered the village of Umuofia. Having built and established a church, they started penetrating deep into the villages. The changes were massive and the local people were not able to do a thing to resist. Okwonkwo was wise to note that Christianity would affect the way of running governments. However, the decision Okwonkwo takes leads to his tragic fate. The author Achebe shows the struggle between the whites and the Africans; each group with their culture. The arrogance of the whites is depicted especially with character Reverend James Smith. The work depicts how Christianity unconsciously brought massive changes and aggressive takeovers culturally and politically.