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Doodle Compared To Christ

When comparing doodle to Christ through symbolism, in my opinion, there is really no way to really compare, unless your preference of religion allows for hate, disrespect or the ability to ignore the significance of such practice. Doodling is an activity that, for the most part, is not taken seriously. An artist just draws aimlessly without any thought or serious consideration involved and no real attention invested. So, how can something of the such be compared to something that people give their life and devotion to without any doubt in their mind and to top it off, pass down to their families to adopt? I don't see the comparison, it can't be one.

Let's first understand the concept of doodle. A person sits at their desk, with basically nothing on their mind and creates a picture of a rose. How can this rose symbolize anything of significance if there wasn't a plan of action or thought involved at the time of or before creating it? In my opinion the rose isn't significant and in my opinion, worthless, no matter if da Vinci created it himself! It may have a light appeal, but says nothing but, "I'm a rose"! Anyone can draw a rose, but not anyone can plan a rose with thought behind the final project!

Now, let's understand the concept of Christianity. A person with a strong belief for a deity, kneels down In their home and devotes their time to connect their mind and soul to God for salvation. Christ has been believed, over 100's of years, to heal the sick and to make many people's lives more holy, happy and full of wisdom. People of the Christianity religion, devote their entire lives to Christ and in addition make themselves a lifestyle! They congregate with other worshipers at least every Sunday and give ties to the church to show how dedicated they are to Christ. They even wear the symbol of Christ - the cross - which represents significance of which someone lived a perfect life on earth and died for our sins and rose again on Easter.

Now how can doodling be compared? Well, yes if you're not into this particular religion, you can mistake it as unimportant and bypass its significance, that's understanding, but from a Christian standpoint and those who understand religion and chooses not to hate Christians, their is no possible way to compare doodling to Christ through symbolism. Christ symbolizes, devotion, belief, sacrifice, love and life! Doodling symbolizes, absent mindedness, time wasting or perhaps not paying attention to what the Pastor is preaching about during church.

Christians devote their entire life to Christ. Doodlers devote the time that it takes to kill time or to stay occupied while the pastor or homeroom teacher is teaching. The significance of each is extremely different and incomparable, not to mention that many doodlers throw away their doodled work after they are done and never even think twice about it. So, doodling does not stand a chance against the almighty Christ, in comparison!