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20 Outstanding Problem Solution Essay Topics for Students

Writing will now and then require you to provide some analysis. Problem and solution essays are an example of a teacher challenging you to identify a difficulty and suggest plausible ways to correct. Teachers know that they have to provide topics that are interesting for their students. If the subject is too boring it will be reflected in the content provided. To avoid having that happen, here are some outstanding topics that can be used in a problem/solution essay.

  1. How can anger be monitored on social media platforms?
  2. Can you identify what is a bad life choice and how to resolve it?
  3. Is there a way to provide healthcare for the elderly without spending too much?
  4. Are motorcycle helmet laws the only way to prevent roadside fatalities?
  5. What is the best way to stop teenagers from practicing unsafe sex?
  6. Besides fines, what are ways to reduce drunk driving?
  7. What are workable means to reduce child abuse?
  8. Is there an alternative to gun control laws that will reduce violence?
  9. Is incarceration the best way to reduce violent crimes?
  10. Should freedom of religion be limited only to institutions and not individuals?
  11. What are some non-coercive ways to convince people to eat healthy?
  12. Will prison sentences convince parents to have their children vaccinated?
  13. What are ways to stop global abuse of women?
  14. What are the best ways to eliminate child pornography?
  15. What are the best means of convincing unemployed people to get training?
  16. How can we make urban areas generate less pollution?
  17. Can we effectively in human slavery and if so how will we do it?
  18. How is freedom of speech best protected?
  19. Where the best means of promoting adult literacy?
  20. How can we best improve nutrition among the working poor?

Ask a student to a problem is a challenge for that learner. A topic that requires thinking is going to be helpful in intellectual development. It is true that the topic should not be extremely difficult but it can still be a hurdle a student can easily overcome. A teacher should be willing to encourage a student to step outside of the comfort zone. Good topics that a student can dive into will help. This being said, the final work has to show effort. Simple answers are for younger students; complex discussions are what should be expected from the older audience.