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Suggestions for Composing a Brilliant Essay on Life Skills

Life Skills is now a required class in many schools. It can cover everything from writing checks to eating healthy while going to college full-time. It combines common sense with tips for keeping calm and happy. In a busy world, these important skills cannot be stressed enough to young people. If you are assigned a paper on this subject, use our reference guide:

Reference Guide

  • Make a list of what you consider to be the top ten life skills. You need to keep in mind that life skills are very personal, and what you think is one, might not be on the list for other people.
  • Decide what type of paper you want to write. Will it be compare/contrast, description, or maybe even explanatory? The style you select will help to guide the direction of your piece.
  • Consider interviews from professionals for this paper. You could talk to doctors, psychologists, priest, nutritionists, or similar people to get professional quotes and data.
  • Make sure to follow teacher’s instructions and to complete all of the work by the assigned deadline. Find out if you need a rough draft, an outline, and a reference page. Also ask the teacher if he or she prefers APA, MA, or yet another style.
  • Consider some of the following topics for your paper -
    • Living in a Studio Apartment
    • Budgeting
    • Eating Healthy
    • Keeping Calm During a Divorce or Separation
    • When Anxiety Strikes
    • Staying Calm during Standardized Testing
    • I Wasn’t Accepted to My College of Choice
    • When Anger Takes Over
    • Letting Go of Bad Relationships
    • I hate My Parents
    • I Need Counseling
  • Once you have a topic then complete the following work: create a strong thesis statement with 3-5 main points, write the hook, research background material, make an outline, start prewriting the introduction, all main point paragraphs, and the conclusion. Research will need to be done on the designated topic. The introduction will include the thesis statement, the hook, and the background material. The conclusion will close the essay with a restatement of the thesis and a universal statement. Find out if a reference sheet is needed and if so, if you need a Works Cited page or a Bibliography. Also ask if it should be an annotated reference sheet. You should then proof the paper and make edits in preparation to write the final draft for the teacher.

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