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25 Interesting Religion Essay Topic Ideas For College

Ethical, theological, and religious conflicts of major proportions have actively existed for centuries throughout the world. These debates are considered to be "hot topics", because they have caused much division and conflict among various cultures. The most common places where these have occurred is:

  1. Between secularists and different faith groups,
  2. Within one singular faith -- explaining why there is not only one Christian denomination, but roughly 35,000 individual ones,
  3. Between sexual minorities, such as the LGBT community, and numerous faith groups,
  4. Among various religions, and
  5. Among progressive and theologically conservative denominations belonging to the same religion

With all of these numerous conflicts that exist, both in the past and in the present, choosing a topic for your essay can be difficult. There are so many directions which you can choose to examine as related to the Divine, and so many questions for which there are no true answers, that it is critical to narrow down the topic you finally decide upon. To get you started down the right path, here are 25 interesting topics to consider that will wow your professor:

  1. Satanic ritual abuse allegations: The accused, the false memories, and the survivors
  2. The role played by Anne Hutchinson in the Massachusetts Bay Colony puritanical debate
  3. Zen disciplines
  4. The Middle East and secularism
  5. The decline of Solstice and Easter as holidays throughout the world
  6. Christian theology in the 20th century
  7. Euthanasia: Christian and non-Christian viewpoints
  8. The history of Islam in Africa
  9. Myths of the Gaelic people: The Ulster Cycle
  10. Seven celebrations and holidays of the Jewish faith: Their significance, symbolism, and reason for being
  11. William Shakespeare and the power of religious redemption
  12. Women as leaders: The Episcopal Church
  13. Origins of the Christian sacraments
  14. Buddhist and Roman Catholic monasticism
  15. Decisions of the Supreme Court of the United States and freedom of religion
  16. Texas and the occult movement: The pagans and their spiritual beliefs
  17. The relationship between Christianity, Judaism, and Islam to the concept of personhood
  18. Morals of Catholicism and Christian ethics
  19. Harmony and conflict in the theories of evolution and creation
  20. Annulment and divorce in the Catholic Church
  21. The afterlife beliefs of Buddhism and Judaism
  22. Eastern religions and the role of the concept of "self"
  23. A Calvinist view of determinism and free will
  24. Theological and historical perspectives of Christology
  25. Merging the spirit of religion with the science of reason: Enlightened theology