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A List Of Impressive Essay Topics For University Students

It’s always a little confusing to be assigned your first essay in university: suddenly you realize it’s up to you to find a topic. Gone are the middle and high school days when you were prompted with a half-page paragraph.

No need to worry. If your mind is drawing a blank and you’re stuck for ideas, just draw inspiration from this list of essay topics that are inspired by current events, of-the-moment political issues, and even pop culture. Some are more controversial than others, so if controversy isn’t your thing, just scan right past those.

Here are some topics that will definitely impress your professor.

Impressive Ideas for University Essays

  • Should sugary drinks and food be controlled? Can the government tell corporations what serving sizes to use?
  • Should there be any restriction on abortion? If so, which ones? If not, why? If you believe abortion should be fully illegal, explain.
  • Should there be limits placed on gasoline to reduce pollution? In other countries, there are restrictions placed on odd and even-license plated cars driving on alternate days. Is it the government’s right to place such restrictions on citizens?
  • Is obesity the responsibility of private citizens, their family, their doctor, the government, and/or society?
  • What best prevents teen pregnancy? Condoms, the birth control pill, abstinence, or other methods?
  • Do you believe wealth is distributed fairly in our society? For instance, is it fair that athletes are paid so much more than janitors?
  • Is student debt a problem? If so, what are possible solutions to decrease student debt without decreasing the quality of education?
  • What are the arguments for and against gay marriage and adoption?
  • Does the legal drinking age make sense? Do you think it would make more sense to also raise voting, smoking, and military service ages, or to lower the drinking age? Or do you believe that the laws are good as they are? Why?
  • What are the benefits and disadvantages to outsourcing labor? Suggestions for benefits include cheaper products and access to a greater variety of products, while the disadvantages include more competition. How does our outsourcing affect other countries?

While it can feel confusing to start an essay when you haven’t been assigned the topic, this creative list, inspired by current events, politics, and economic issues, should give you a lot of ideas, as well as impressing your professors.