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A List of Challenging Topic Ideas for Your Essay Proposing a Solution

An essay proposing a solution is a great opportunity to present your view on one of the pressing problems of today. Here are a few ideas to make your essay stand out.

  • Sexual assaults on college campuses.
  • This topic still remains a bit of a taboo. Discuss why this problem persists and what can be done to solve it. Will geographical separation of sexes, e. g. lodging boys and girls in separate buildings with restricted access for the opposite sex, as it is done in some countries, solve the problem? Or there is a need of public education on this problem? Or academic staff should be given more power to control their students and stop inappropriate behaviors?

  • Student loan debts.
  • Student loans make higher education more accessible; but at the same time they cause many graduates come out of the university with a huge debt to pay. Should the government enact any laws to protect students against getting into excessive debt? Or should universities take a responsibility to relieve this problem, e. g. by lowering fees or paying more scholarships?

  • Long-term unemployment.
  • With shrinking global economy, more and more people face long-term unemployment. This is one of the most pressing problems. Should there be more free re-training options for these people? Should the government encourage, or even force, corporations to create more jobs? Or should each citizen be entitled to a guaranteed minimal income that covers the most basic needs, regardless of whether he or she is looking for a new job or not?

  • Money in politics.
  • There are lots of criticism for politics making decisions in favor of large corporations that finance their elections. How can the impact that money has on politics be reduced? Should there be restrictions on who can donate for political campaigns? How should such a law be shaped? Or should the government set an upper limit for an election budget?

  • NSA spying.
  • If you choose this topic, you can refer to Snowden and the information he made available to the public. Should the government enforce policies that prevent NSA from spying on citizens? Do we have the right to know what the intelligence are doing? How can NSA be made more accountable to public, without putting national security at risk?

  • Environmental injustice.
  • Environmental injustice is about people who do not receive a proper compensation for environmental pollution that caused a damage to their health. Why are such cases so difficult to defend at court? What can be done to help these people? Does the solution lie in accepting more sophisticated legislation, in corporate sustainability and good will, or in public activism?