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How To Come Up With Good Essay Topics For Grade 5

When you have to come up with a good essay topic for your paper, it may not be easy. There are a lot of topics to choose from and you have to be able to choose one that works for you and for the assignment. Here are some ways that you can determine what topic will work for your paper.

What topics have you been interested in this year in class?

Out of all of the things that you learned in class this year, what was your favorite ones? Ask yourself this question and then start writing down some of these topics. This list can be your preliminary topic list.

What did you want to know more about?

Were there subjects this year that you wanted to know more about? Did you start asking yourself questions about a topic that you really wanted to know? If so, this is a really good reason to choose one of those topics. Add these topics to your list.

What was your favorite subject?

Think about your favorite subject relating to the class. If you have already listed it, then think of your second or third favorite. If you don’t come up with any more topics, then you can use this list.

Now that you have found a bunch of the topics that you like, you need to start to narrow it down to one. Out of the list, were there any that you were bored learning about. If so, then cross that one off of the list.

What do you know about it?

Determine how much knowledge you have on the subjects by trying to make a general point about it that you can support with three reasons. Do this for each one and if you struggle to complete it, cross it off the list and go to the next.

You will need to narrow down the topics until you get to just one. Hopefully by this point you haven’t crossed everything off of your list and having kept everything. Just pick one off the list and write.

If you were about to make a general point and you can support it with at least three reasons, then you have your thesis statement and the main focus of your paper. Create an outline that lists all of your main points and you are ready to write.