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The Top 15 Most Exciting Essay Topics In World History

World history is a rich source of information for research and publications. Interest in examining various periods of history in diverse regions and countries of the world has led to a rich body of work. It can be overwhelming to zero in on a suitable topic for your essay with such a vast amount of information available in this area. Listed below are 15 of the most exciting essay topics in world history to help you along the way:

  1. Compare and contrast the roles played by philosophy and science in the introduction of the modern world in the 18th century.
  2. Explore the Age of Discovery at the start of the 15th century when European explorers set forth to find new trade paths to the Indies but wound up discovering the New World.
  3. Examine the causes of the outbreak of the Bubonic plague that ravaged the populations of Europe and Asia in the fourteenth century.
  4. The collapse of the Roman Empire in Western Europe ushered in the Dark Ages. Explore the reasons for the fall of the Roman Empire.
  5. Explore the various dynasties to have ruled China and how the country’s history influences its rapid rise in the world today.
  6. Explore Germany’s role in the two World Wars and the political events that led to the wars.
  7. Explore the rise and fall of the British Empire. How does the experience of the empire influence the United Kingdom to this day?
  8. How did the Greeks rise to prominence and what role did their peculiar geography have to play in their dominance of their era?
  9. Slavery, violence, racial struggle and economic problems have remained themes in the history of Jamaica. What impact does the country’s history have on its present?
  10. Examine the role played by the Anglo-Boer War between the original Dutch settlers and the British on the fortunes of Southern Africa.
  11. Explore the reasons for the demise of the Soviet Union. Would the U.S.S.R. have collapsed in the absence of the Cold War?
  12. Examine the differences between the loyalists and fascist rebels that led to the start of the Spanish Civil War in 1936.
  13. Explore the role played by artists, philosophers, scientists and governments in the era of the Renaissance.
  14. Examine Irish history with a special focus on the Troubles.
  15. The Titanic was advertised as being indestructible. Explore the reasons for its demise.