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Essay Questions About Family: 20 Great Examples

Family is an interesting subject to compose an essay about. The type of the essay you are to write may be new for you or something that you are already familiar with. Usually teachers assign expository prompts for students while attempting such subjects. However, it is not mandatory, you might as well have to compose an argumentative paper where you have to support a certain stance or deny it. Whatever you do, make sure you clearly understand the prompt so that you can successfully address it in your paper.

The topic of your paper is critical because it will decide the overall direction of your paper and help you have a focus for the research and major arguments. You will be able to hook your audience and represent them the essence of your assignment through a winning and precise topic. It is often tough for students to win over the competition because all the students choose similar topics. You need to make sure that you pick an aspect that is less discussed and unique from the rest of your class. In order to get some good suggestions or trigger fresh ideas about your essay on family, you should consider the following examples. Remember that your topic will change with the type of the paper you are attempting

Examples for an essay about family

  1. Families who pray together stay together, what does this show about religion and family system
  2. Why some developed countries have failed family systems despite of higher education levels and employment rates and standard of living
  3. Children from religious family backgrounds tend to be less generous towards others, what does this show and mean
  4. Family is the most essential component for leading a happy life, how much do you agree or disagree with this statement and why
  5. If everything depends upon nurture then why do people rebel from their families
  6. Criminal minded people have family issues and childhood problems most of the times
  7. Financial roles in families can change the way we think or feel about
  8. Gender roles and family
  9. What does Christianity say about treating your family members
  10. Are all the family members responsibility of a sole bread earner
  11. Economic recession and family roles
  12. Defining family roles in postmodern society
  13. Family in Marxism
  14. Capitalism and family systems
  15. Emotional affiliations with family
  16. Using family as a strength
  17. Can family be a weakness
  18. Is family enough of a motivation
  19. How families get apart
  20. Marriage and parents