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5 Key Components Of A Narrative Essay: Tips For Dummies

As you go through your academic life you are going to be asked to write all kinds of compositions. They are intended to help you develop your writing skills, and this is very important when it comes to later career work. The narrative essay can be a tedious bore if it is not written carefully. If you are not a master of content yet, here are some tips you can use to get through a narrative essay assignment.

  1. Don’t Overload with Trivia. Describing each movement is reserved for technical manuals. You are not writing one of those so instead of going step by step, be a little more general in your descriptions.
  2. Use the First Person Instead of the Second. It is a temptation when describing things to use second person voice. A narrative is the word of the author and first person is the voice which needs to be used.
  3. Avoid Stuffy Sentences. Pompous phrases and wordings are not to make you look intelligent. You should try to be clear in the language of your essay. People need to understand what you are writing about, and clear wording cuts to the chase.
  4. Words Which Pack a Punch Will Help. The vernacular is better than use of words that are too officious. Slang is all right as long as it’s not obscene, and common day words engage the reader. You have to remember that this is not a medical treatise, but something that is meant to inform and to some degree entertain the reader.
  5. Pay As Much Attention to the Conclusion As Any Other Part. People make a bad mistake when they rush the ending of their essay. It is understood that the process has been lengthy but that is no reason to do a hasty ending to your work. Be sure that the conclusion brings a logical finish to the introduction and the body of the paper.

A smart student is going to recognize the value of a narrative essay composition. The more skilled you are with writing, the better your business correspondence and emails are going to be. The school years are a time when you develop lifelong habits and styles. This particular assignment is something that will add to your toolbox. Think of it as an opportunity to expand what you already have. It is not that difficult to become very proficient in writing a narrative style. You will discover in doing it certain methods that are going to serve you in very good stead as the years go by.