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Understanding the Structure of an Expository Essay – 4 Quick Tips

An expository essay is a paper where you should pick a topic, raise an argument and support your argument with good evidence. To convey your message to the reader properly, you should know how to structure your paper. If you haven’t ever written expository essays before, you may make some mistakes. Below, there are several main points that will help you write a great paper.

  1. Thesis statement.
  2. This is a single sentence that defines the purpose of your essay and lists your arguments. The entire paper should be built around your thesis statement. In the introduction, you’ll give the background information that will lead to your thesis. In the body paragraphs, you’ll present evidence that supports your thesis. In the conclusion, you’ll restate your thesis based on the information given in the body.

  3. Introduction.
  4. The main goals of the opening paragraph are to draw the reader to your essay and give them the basic understanding of your topic. You should start the introduction with a hook. This is a sentence that contains an interesting fact, question, quotation, or anecdote that can be related to your topic. Then, you should introduce your topic, tell why you decided to choose it, and give its brief history. Conclude the paragraph with your thesis statement that will make the reader understand what to expect from the following paragraphs.

  5. Body.
  6. This is the largest section of your paper. It should consist of at least three paragraphs. Here, you should give your examples, make your comparisons, or present your evidence. Make sure that each paragraph discusses separate arguments or examples. A body paragraph should start with a clear topic sentence that introduces an argument, continue with its description and interpretation, and end with a transition to the next paragraph or section.

  7. Conclusion.
  8. In this section, you don’t need to raise any new questions or arguments. Here, you summarize everything that was discussed previously and state the significance of your work. If you chose a question as a hook in your introduction, you should give an answer to it in your conclusion, in order to make your essay look completed. If you remember the tips written above, you’re likely to structure your expository papers properly.

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