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Creating An Excellent Essay About Technology In Our Society

It isn’t difficult to write a great essay about technology in our society if you understand the task and present all your ideas in a logical and organized manner. Here are some tips that will help you cope with this writing assignment successfully:

  • Read a prompt carefully.
  • A prompt will clearly outline what kind of paper you are supposed to produce. Namely, if you are asked to discuss advantages and disadvantages of technological advances or to analyze the effects of technology on our lives, you are not supposed to share your opinion on the topic. However, if you are asked whether technology has more positive or negative effects or whether its benefits outweigh drawbacks, your opinion is a key aspect and you should argue for it in the body of your paper.

  • Gather ideas.
  • Brainstorm on the topic and jot down all ideas on the issue. Do research in available sources and look for relevant facts and examples to be used in your paper.

  • Develop a thesis statement.
  • In your thesis, tell what your essay will be about. For example, you may state that technology has both positive and negative impact on society. Such a neutral thesis will be good for an unbiased expository paper. If you believe that technology has more negative sides than positive ones, share this opinion in your thesis.

  • Plan and organize.
  • Your paper may be organized in different ways.

    • If you should just analyze both benefits and drawbacks of technological advances and don’t need to argue for a certain point of view, your essay may consist of four paragraphs. Use one body paragraph to discuss positive points, and the next one to discuss negative points.
    • If you should argue for a certain position, a more complex five-paragraph structure is required. Use the first body paragraph to state an opposing view (for e.g. discussing benefits), and use the two subsequent body paragraphs to argue for your own opinion (e.g. proving that negative effects outweigh positive ones).
  • Follow basic requirements.
  • Whichever goal you pursue and whichever structure you use, remember the basic criteria that every essay should meet:

    • Start your paper with a hook: provide a striking fact, an interesting example, or an anecdote. State your thesis at the end of the introductory paragraph.
    • Use topic sentences of body paragraphs to introduce your key points.
    • Summarize your points and restate your thesis in the conclusion.
    • Write in a concise and clear manner.
    • Use relevant transitions to make your paper flow smoothly.