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Legalization of Marijuana

Marijuana has over the years been one of the controversial substances. However, the controversy has been seen to take different shifts. In some countries, the substance has been legalized while it is still illegal in other areas. Definitely, there must have been some contentious issues. The legalizers of marijuana believe that the substance has some economic and health value while those against it have considered it a harmful drug. Therefore, this essay seeks to state that marijuana should be legalized for its usefulness though in a manner to keep it under strict monitoring for effectiveness in its use.

Today, marijuana has neither been fully supported nor fully made illegal. It is there in between. However, there are some good reasons why it should be taken out of the criminal justice system. There are substances that fall in the same category as marijuana but have been under regulation. For instance, tobacco and alcohol have over the years been used though under regulation. Marijuana too can be legalized and be regulated in the same manner. Actually, the criminalization of marijuana has produced more devastating effects than the case would have been if it was legalized. It doesn’t have to be criminalized completely. It can be managed through licensing and regulating its production and sale as has been the case in some parts of the United States such as Washington and Colorado among other recent others like Alaska.

One of the benefits of decriminalization and regulated use of marijuana is a direct creation of jobs and the formation of economic opportunities in the formal sector rather than in the illegal market. This can also lead to a reduced use of law enforcement resources applied in the protection of public safety and again cut down the costs of running courts and correction centers. The local and state governments would benefit by acquiring immense new revenue from taxes through the regulation of marijuana sales. The criminalization of this substance has disproportionately caused some harm to young people prompting massive violence levels and corruption cases.

Marijuana can easily be regulated through a state agency. It has been of great medicinal value and this can be maximized to get the benefits of it under strict regulation. If it has worked elsewhere, it can work universally. Marijuana has more benefits than harm. Just like other substances, it has been abused by some. However, that is not a reason enough to write it off. Therefore, the usefulness of marijuana can be obtained through proper licensing and directives.