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How To Write An Essay For A Medical School: Simple Tips And Tricks

Writing an essay for a medical school can be an anxiety-causing part of the application process. Luckily with advice from the experts, you can write an essay that stands out from the rest. Here are a few tips and tricks that can help you write an essay for a medical school.

Consider the audience

The admission committees for medical schools are of different sizes ranging from a handful to over two dozen members. These can consist of admission staffs, students, faculty and doctors who work in the local community. You will also find different medical grounds represented ranging from general to clinical science, from students to PhDs to MDs. Since these committees usually vote to make decisions, the variety ensures that each applicant will receive a fair consideration.

There are high chances that your essay will be read in its entirety by at least one member of this committee. Other aspects of your application will be considered before you are invited for an interview. The admission officer will usually spend between 3 and 10 minutes to look at every essay during the first read and therefore you should ensure that you make a quick impact. Since the admission committee will read up to 50 essays in the peak admission days, you should ensure that you personal statement really stands out.

Consider your motivation

When you seek admission to medical school, you are showing your desire to practice as a medical doctor. This means that the goal of you essay should be to convince the reader that you belong to medical school. You will also use the essay to exhibit your proficiency in writing and language abilities.

The admission officer will also be looking for certain soft skills such s maturity, sincerity, empathy, motivation and compassion in your essay. Since it is not easy to quantify these qualities in your grades, your essay is the best opportunity to show that you possess these skills. Ensure that you are truthful in your essay and try to personalize it as much as you can. Choose a topic that genuinely interest you and include an anecdote or story taken from real life while using colorful imagery and ample details to bring it to life. One of the topics that you can choose is “Why I want to be a doctor”. Give the reader a view of the kind of person you are based on the ideas, scenarios and examples rather than lists of the things that you have done.

Ensure that you check for good grammar, spelling and punctuations.