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Picking Up Thought-Provoking Argumentative Essay Topics For 3rd Graders

It is actually a task to pick up assignments for 3rd graders. The problem lies in the fact that 3rd graders do not have an evolved seed of intellect and are in the process of learning new things. Thus, they have to be tackled with easy hens.

The difficult task – In this light, argumentative essays are a tad too high-sounding for those kids. Therefore, the original line that it is actually a task to think of thought-provoking argumentative essays for the kids. However, you can use your own intuition and think of some enticing topics to raise interest.

  • The school story – You should first think of the activities in school; for the kids spend an appreciable time in the environment. You may also take a few students into confidence and ask about the matters which irk or interest them.
  • Their home – The 3rd graders have a different perspective of what happens in their home; than what a grown-up has. You will be absolutely amused by how they pick up interesting issues at home out of matters which you may feel pretty commonplace.
  • Their playful activities – The games they play give rise to immensely comprehensive argumentative essays. You should take a look at the games they play; indoor, outdoor and video. You may also make an earnest enquiry into how they divide their play and study time.
  • Places to visit – You should find out what they feel about the places to visit; from parks to museums; from Disneyland to zoos. They will have something to say about the accessibility, nearness and potential of the places. Their opinions are so uncolored by prejudice that you are completely besotted by their take.
  • Their friends – Kids have a different way to analyze their friends; whether at class, home or parks. They have a feeling that their friendship will last till eternity. Only when they grow do they understand that all friendships are not for keeps.

Here are 10 thought-provoking argumentative essays for kids

  1. Should video games be allowed to 3rd graders?
  2. Should the kids have fundamental right to parks and zoos?
  3. Should they be rendered free from homework?
  4. Write an essay about whether 3rd graders should have the right to get their homework done by parents
  5. Should the 3rd graders have an automatic case against the peril they face because of pollution?
  6. Do single kids enjoy a better life or kids with siblings?
  7. Write an essay about the essentiality of school for kids?
  8. Should the kids play a role in improving indoor air quality and how?
  9. Should the kids be allowed access to social media under parental control?
  10. Should it be made mandatory for kids to have at least one memorable outing as kids?