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How To Get Free English Short Essays: Possible Solutions

Getting inspiration to write short English essays can come in many forms, and to truly understand the correct formats, styles and contents it is often best to read other examples. These are easy enough to come by if you pay for them, but if, like most students, you don’t have the spare funds to afford such luxuries, there are ways to get these examples for free. Below are some suggestions to go about finding them.

Ask fellow students

Your fellow students are a resource, and you should use them! More often than not, pupils will help each other out because they’ve all been in exactly the same position. Asking your classmates or people from other years or classes can be a great way to get free examples of English short essays. In addition, you have the advantage of being able to ask the actual author questions about their work if you are confused about anything. If you find someone who has already received their work back, too, then you may also be able to ask what mark they received. Students can also be found online, often on forums if you cannot find anyone willing or able to share with your own class.

Go to Google

Wanting to read other people’s short essays on subjects in English is quite a common request, and, therefore, there are plenty of people posting and uploading their own work to the internet. The best way to find all these examples in one place is to ask a search engine simply. Google is a great one for this. Remember to use good keywords - ‘English’, ‘essay’, ‘short’ as well as more exact search terms such as your particular subject or the level you are writing at - and remember to be flexible. If you are too strict with your search terms, you will limit the results found and will be unable to find as many helpful essays as you want.

Academic establishments online pages

Often, universities and colleges will post online examples of the sort of work they expect their students to be producing and all for free! This is a great place to start looking for free short essays on any subject. Remember that specific departments may also offer examples, and these will be preferable if you can find them, as they will be specific to your subject, i.e. English. If possible, start on the homepage of your own academic institute!