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Creating A Powerful Conclusion For A College Essay

College essays require a great deal of work on your part. The way that your sentences flow together, your ideas work side by side, and the overall tone of your writing can have a huge impact on the final grade you receive. Many students make the mistake of putting all of their attention to the introduction and the body paragraphs of the essay they write. Although you should certainly be attentive toward these areas, you should avoid tapering off and losing momentum when you write your conclusion. It can be easy to lose interest by the time you are done with the assignment, but you should still give it that final push to get the best results. Teachers want the conclusion to be powerful and leave them in the right mood. Here is how you can do exactly that, with little effort.

Start Off Writing the End

This might seem counterproductive but for many students it is incredibly useful. You have the most energy when you begin working on your project- at least; this is true for the average individual. Some people may gain energy as they work, however, so try to know your patterns and general habits. Write the conclusion when you are at the peak of your energy and you are most interested in it.

Understand Your Audience and Topic

The course you are taking will expect different things from your writing. If you are writing an argumentative topic, you want your conclusion to be dramatic and energetic. Get your point across entirely. If you are choosing a more serious or emotional area to focus on, you should use more intriguing words to draw your audience in and play with those emotions. If you show that you understand why you are writing, who you are writing for, and how this relates to your topic, your teacher and other readers will be much more appreciative. This is best executed in the conclusion paragraphs of your document.

Don’t Leave any Loose Ends

Make sure you do a recap of all of the information you covered. Highlight the most important arguments that you included, restate a few of the more dramatic facts, and finally close off with your final statement. This should be the “call to action” essentially, or the sentence that lets your readers knows you are done discussing the topic at hand. It can be anything that you want it to be, but make sure it is specific rather than vague. There should be no question that your paper is complete.

Strong and powerful final paragraphs are crucial to any paper that you write, and you need to know how to compose them effectively. This will bring your grade up a great deal, and you will have a much better time writing your assignment than you would otherwise.