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5 Steps To Creating A Good Reflective Essay On Domestic Violence

If you are tasked with writing a reflective essay on domestic violence, follow the 5 steps below:

  1. First, select an appropriate topic. Trying to select a topic can be a difficult and frustrating process. While your professor may provide you with a general topic which is reflected upon the course material you may be required to focus the topic to something more manageable for the page count. One of the things that you can do is to review your lecture notes or your textbooks.
  2. As you are writing make sure that you allowed yourself the freedom to write in a free fashion but that you keep the essays overall purpose in mind. As you are writing it is best that you have an outline nearby and stick to the outline as best you can. This will help you to consciously and constantly evolving information as your draft proceeds but also to stay on point and well organized.
  3. Revise your draft extensively. Do not write a single draft and edit one or two sentences and then submit it. Instead remember that the first draft to produce will never be the best. You should amend this draft over and over, the first time you amend the draft you should rearrange sequence of the bigger components by adding or deleting different sections when taking into account what you discovered over the course of your writing and research. Many times revisions involve putting your SASI for one or two days and then returning to it when you have a fresh perspective.
  4. Once you have a well-organized draft and you have already amended the larger components it is time to revise the sentences by paying particular attention to the transitions. Make sure that your reader is able to follow all of your ideas from sentence to sentence and from paragraph to paragraph. Make sure to that you have fully explained information. Just because you have drawn a natural conclusion between information you presented does not mean that the reader will draw the same conclusion. So make sure that you clearly state the links between each piece of information that you provide. Make sure that you revise your sentences for diction and for economy. Diction refers to the appropriateness and exactness of the words that you choose and economy refers to using the fewest words possible without losing your full meaning and expression. When this is done you should make sure that you proofread your final copy and submit it.