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Basic Tips for Writing an Essay about School Life

High school or college students are sometimes instructed to write essays about their early school days. This is a type of academic paper where you don’t really need to raise any arguments or persuade your readers in something. You should just write about your school life and how you felt during that time. Here are some tips that should help you with this task:

  1. Make a good introduction.
  2. In the opening paragraph of your paper, you should write about some general things that people think about when remembering their school life. Usually, it’s all about carefree and happy days. However, you may state that your personal memories differ from this stereotype. This will determine the direction for your body paragraphs.

  3. Compose an interesting body.
  4. Usually, in this section of their essays, people focus on their schools and write about different lessons and activities that they took part in. However, to make your paper more deep and interesting for readers, you may write about problems and difficulties that you encountered during your school years. Indicate how these difficulties impacted you as a person and how you became better by solving them.

  5. Write a strong conclusion.
  6. Summarize the main points of your paper in the last paragraph. State that despite some problems, you’re happy to remember your school days that were full of new friends and experiences.

  7. Use proper language.
  8. This type of essay is rather narrative, so you shouldn’t be very formal in your writing. Describing yourself and your school life, you may feel free to use humor and other techniques that will make your text more attractive for readers.

  9. Use your teacher’s help.
  10. If you have doubts about some sections of your paper, you may always ask your teacher for help. A good teacher will give you advice on how to compose your sentences to better express your ideas.

  11. Proofread your work thoroughly.
  12. Students often don’t take this step seriously. This results in that their papers contain plenty of silly mistakes and errors. It’s advisable to check your paper for spelling and grammar mistakes at least for two or three times. You may also want to rewrite some phrases or sentences to make them more descriptive or persuasive. To increase the effectiveness of proofreading, you may ask another person to read your work. They’ll be able to spot some weak sentences or mistakes that you couldn’t notice because they aren’t familiar with your text and their view is fresh.