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13 Exciting Suggestions For 10th Grade Essay Topics

The great thing about essays in grade 10 is that the subject matter is pretty much up to you. There are some teachers who will tell you to write about specific issues, but if you’re allowed to choose your own topic, it can be a lot of fun! Write about something that you’re genuinely interested in or excited about. If you’re not sure about a specific topic, then ask your teacher if it’s okay to write about for your homework.

Writing essays in high school will prepare you for the more demanding projects of university and college. Now is a good time to stretch your writing skills and get used to the research and formats you’ll be using later on in you education. The skills to find just the right topic is a big part of that. You need to find a good topic to write on if you want to have a good essay as a result. It will show in your writing if you are passionate about what you’re writing, and the teachers will praise you for it.

13 awesome topic ideas

Start with these ideas and go from there. You can use them as inspiration for something different, or take the exact question and write about that. Talk with your classmates about their essay topics for more ideas.

  1. Talk about why parents can be strict sometimes
  2. Why do you admire a specific person?
  3. If you could be an animal for a day, which one and why?
  4. How does moving a lot affect teenagers?
  5. How could you introduce healthier snack options into vending machines and cafeterias?
  6. Why do you like (or not like) working in groups for projects?
  7. How does music influence your life?
  8. If your principal was to invite any singer or band to your school to perform for an assembly, who would you choose to invite and why?
  9. If you could go on a foreign exchange during high school, which country would you choose and why?
  10. What makes your favorite teacher your favorite?
  11. Pick an invention (zipper, stairs, lightbulb, etc.) and write about how this has changed how humans live and why it’s important
  12. Write about what objects you’d place into a time capsule that tell the story of your high school years
  13. Discuss censorship of media, including books, music, movies, games

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