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Great Hints For Composing A Response To Literature Essay

When you enroll in an English course you’re going to be reading some wonderful novels. Authors like Mark Twain or Charles Dickens will be taking your attention as you read into the plots and words of these masters. You also expect to be doing a lot of writing and interpreting what these great books are saying to the reader. A response to literature essay is essentially a discussion in writing about the text you have read. Here are some ideas to make an average paper become great one.

  • Develop A Very Interesting Thesis. Nobody likes to read something that is dull and boring and that includes your instructor. When you write this type of work there is a point you are trying to explain or prove. Be willing to go a little bit outside of the box to come up with a thesis that sparks the interest of the person reading your work. It is always easy to select a common thesis, but that is why people end up with simply average grades.
  • Dig Inside the Characters. You can do some detective work and explore the motivations of various characters, why they make certain decisions and what do these thoughts reveal about them. You can also explore the motivations that lie under the actions. There may be some struggles that people do not automatically understand such as the Russian society in some of Tolstoy’s works. The benefit from explore the characters is to develop a greater appreciation of the nuances of human nature.
  • Expand On the Theme. Your teacher may be giving a particular theme on which to write. Stretch this out to show the picture the author is trying to paint. You could include quotations from the novel to justify your opinion. Many of the authors are commenting on one facet or other of society. For example, Charles Dickens wrote extensively about social ills in the Industrial Age. You can go a step further regarding the impact of the theme.
  • Explore The Language of the Author. You can view the language and style at all to use as contrasted with the literary style the day. Mark Twain’s common words were easily understandable as opposed to the flowery terms of contemporary Victorian literature. It is why his books were so often read by audiences. This requires going a little bit deeper into the text. But the essay that demonstrates use of language showcases good analytical skills.

What is important about all of this is for you to go a little bit beyond the norm as you write this essay. It helps you grow as a writer and improves your analytical skills. That is part of education. Your teacher will notice your efforts. The result of going one step beyond the ordinary could be the superior grades you are looking to get.