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How To Write An Outstanding Essay In 50 Minutes

Writing an essay under pressure is a difficult skill that is often a requirement in middle school and onwards. The essential keys in order to get a great paper done are all here in this guide.

Think of the Easiest Subject

Usually, time pressured papers to have students choose a topic. To play on the safe side while studying for exams, you may want to list possible topics for each subject. Subjects that require written answers are generally: English, Science, Arts, and History.

Choosing a topic means considering the following:

  • What topic can I easily explain?
  • What topic would be the most difficult?
  • I should do the easiest one because of less pressure.
  • I should be able to think of a good argument.
  • I should be able to come up a with 3-5 paragraph explanation.

Brainstorming Habits

You should make it a point to include brainstorming as a habit to grow on you. Thinking about the topics for assignments ahead of time means you also have to think about possible arguments and elements to explain. This is a study skill that will be helpful to have your paper done and test your understanding of each subject.

Cool and Smooth Essay Strategies

There are quick and breezy strategies in writing a paper. Knowing these strategies will fill up your page and impress your teacher with good skills.

  • Summarizing- being able to give the main points of a concept
  • Enumerating- pointing out your arguments sets expectations for readers and gives you the ultimate goals for your paper
  • Explaining- discussing your points is what your teacher looks for, make sure your reasoning are parallel to your arguments
  • Giving Examples- writing situations or scenarios where your arguments are shown will be extra support for your paper
  • Rephrasing-when you repeat statements, in other words, it will stress or emphasize your ideas

Divide and Conquer

Once you know what strategies to apply or how to sequence the strategies, so your paper makes sense, you have to make sure they are equally distributed. This means that you put a little bit of each chosen strategy. Remember it is not advisable to summarize throughout your whole paper unless instructed too. The same thing goes for the other topics.

Writing an essay under time pressure can seem like a cruel task. But if you keep in mind that you can spot the easiest topic, brainstorm for arguments, use quick strategies, and divide strategies---then your paper will be a success.