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Animal Testing

The accuracy of animal testing, also known as animal experimentation, in the pharmaceutical industry is questionable. Scientists indicate that some of the products approved for humans after such tests are not safe. As a result, there are many drugs benign banned in some countries due to lack of effectiveness and the gross side effects. Yet, such drugs were believed to be effective and safe when used by the animals. Additionally, many animals have been taken through horrific testing and death during the research. Fortunately, as scientific research is being done and as technology is evolving, it is now established that there are better methods of testing for pharmaceutical products other than use of animal testing. Hence, it is asserted that animal testing should be considered illegal.

There Are Many Alternatives Available

After years of research, scientists have devised a number of ways to accurately test pharmaceutical products. The first one involves test tube method, where a human cell is used to determine the effectiveness of a particular product. The second one is the micro dosing, where humans are given some little amount of drug and their cells observed. This can only be done if it is determined that the drugs will not affect the human body negatively. Thirdly, non-invasive imaging methods can be used to observe the effectiveness of a drug. Other methods include computer simulations and genetic testing methods. Since all the methods are available and effective, it is not logical and moral for scientists to continue doing animal testing.

The Issue of Cost Effectiveness

Interestingly, most of the alternative methods to animal testing are cost-effective. Using human tissues, it may take only one or two days for a scientist to get the desired results. On the other hand, animal testing can take a couple of weeks. Not to forget, it takes a long time for a scientist to rear an animal with the aim of using it for testing. Still, the animal may eventually die after the testing.

And, once the testing is done, the animal is then disposed off in the same environment that people are trying to preserve and conserve. It implies that animal testing involves wastage of resources and time. This should arouse the interest of anyone who cares about the environment and other resources. The public must demand for a better legislation regarding pharmaceutical industry testing. Precisely, animal testing should be banned and anyone insisting on using the method in research should be prosecuted.