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Interesting Discursive Essay Topics: A List Of Good Ideas

A lot of students get confused about writing discursive essays. Usually, whatever goal a writer is trying to achieve determines the style and format he or she should follow. Discursive essay’s aim is to present an objective and balanced examination on a particular subject. The key is to present both sides evenly, though you may still interject your personal opinion on the topic when you have completed your examination. Here are is a list of good topic ideas to help you get started on your assignment:

  1. Elderly and driving safety. A lot of people feel that the elderly should be required to take driver’s license renewal tests more frequently than do younger drivers. Do you agree with this view?
  2. Internet technology and communication. More people spend several hours communicating with colleagues, friends, and families by either email or text-message than in person. Do you think this is a good thing?
  3. Credit companies on school companies. In many places around the world credit card companies can come onto college campuses and offer students with great incentives to open an account. Do you believe this is a good idea considering rising personal debt?
  4. War on drugs on school campuses. As a way to prevent and minimize drug use in schools, many institutions are now conducting mandatory random searches of students’ lockers and personal belongings. Do you think this is a good idea?
  5. Mandatory military service. Many countries around the world require their citizens to serve at least one or two years in military service for their countries. Do you believe your own country should adapt this policy?
  6. Volunteerism and education. A lot of middle schools and high schools in the U.S. now require their students to spend a specific amount of hours doing volunteer work. Do you think this is effective?
  7. Violence on television. Do you agree with the belief that violence on television has negative effects on members of society and plays a role in promoting violence in the community?
  8. All-girl schools. Do you believe that the growing trend to create all-girl schools founding on the belief that girls perform better and learn more when they aren’t competing or being intimidated by boys?
  9. Appropriate legal punishment. Do you think that following the adage “an eye for an eye” an appropriate basis for determining legal consequences?
  10. Public transportation and pollution. A lot of major cities around the world have severe pollution problems and are considering turning to public transportation network and making it mandatory for people to use instead of their cars. Is this an effective method?