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Where to Get the Best College Essay Examples for Free

Whether students want to turn in someone else's paper or find an example, there are many sample essays available online. From different websites to in-person options, students can find the paper they need. Before looking for a paper, students should pick a specific thesis. By choosing a thesis, they can narrow down the search and find a more useful example.

Search For Essay Sites

The first option for students is the Internet. There are a number of study guides, papers and prompts posted online. Students can find topic ideas for their paper or entire papers. Since these sites cater to a range of skill levels, students should find a paper that was written by someone in their grade or higher. In addition, they should read through the sources to make sure that the paper was well-researched. Students can also use the bibliography to find the exact books that they will need to write their own paper on the topic.

Scour the Web For a Specific Topic

To narrow down the search, students should look for an exact topic. There are academic databases online that cater to each subject area. These scholarly sites are great sources of example papers. Since they can be found during an Internet search, students are not able to turn these papers in. If the student can find the paper through a basic search, the professor can as well. Unless the student wants to face plagiarism charges, they will need to write or buy their own paper.

Hire an Essay Writing Service

Students who want to turn in an original paper should consider a custom writing service. These companies cater to writing academic term papers. They thoroughly vet each writer to ensure that only professional academic writers are creating each paper. Although these services will generally cost money, they can provide students with customized, original papers.

Visit the Library or a Writing Center

If students just want an example of what to write, they can check out options at their university. Dissertations are always kept on file, so these in-depth papers will normally be available for students. Likewise, many campuses contain a writing center or a tutoring center. At these locations, students can find an example of the paper that they want to write. The writing center will also have on-site tutors available for help with researching, formatting and editing the document. For students on a budget, these resources are a great source of writing help.