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A List Of Impressive Comparison And Contrast Essay Writing Prompts

One of the earliest things to be taught to a child at school is essay writing- a writing skill that forever stays common to most exams we possibly sit for in the rest of our lives. The only change that can be observed is in the length, topic and content of the essay we write. Contrast and compare essays are one of the most commonly taught types. This is so because they are relatively easier to be written and taught and also since they enhance the writer’s ability to analyze minutely a given set of topics.

What makes compare and contrast essays interesting?

  • The topic is the most striking feature that majorly decides whether the final essay would be interesting or dull to read. The topic can range from serious issues of contemporary times to funny and quirky ideas tickling the imagination of the writer.
  • Depending on the writer, the topic needs to be set to extract the very best skills of the writer. A proficient writer of feminist topics would not be as comfortable and smooth with his or her writing when assigned a financial topic.
  • The more analytical the mind of the writer, the more interesting will be the write up.

Some topics for comparison and contrast essays:

Comparison and contrast is a vast sphere of innumerable possibilities. There are many topics that can be practiced in this field. Underneath are a few examples of the topic along with explanations on how to approach them:

  • Literary topics:
    • Elizabethan vs. Modern drama- Two eras of completely different social background, the dramas written in these Ages were starkly different from each other as well. Hence, discussing the features will produce a comparison and contrast between the dramas of these Ages.
    • Angry Young Men vs. the University wits- Movements that essentially belong to two different generations, nevertheless there are a few similarities between them particularly the intellect.
  • Social Topics:
    • Childhood vs. Adulthood- The changes that slowly creep into our lives as we age are the epicenter of this topic.
    • The home maker vs. the working women in India- Through comparison and contrast bring out the actual scenario of the status of women in India. Whether employed or not, is she really given an equal status as men.
  • Fun Topics:
  • These are topics essentially unique to one’s own line of thoughts and hence unique to each writer. Hence let your creativity flare as you approach these topics.

    • Bachelor life vs. Married life
    • Pasta vs. Rice
    • Careers through education vs. careers through passion
    • Activity vs. slumber