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A List Of Unusual Descriptive Essay Topics For High School

Descriptive essays are fun. They don’t require you to analyze or compare. All you are required to do in order to follow the instructions is to describe, vividly and engagingly whatever the topic is about. The main problem in writing this type of essay comes from the choice of topic itself. This is for the following reasons:

Some topics are just boring

Everyone has written at least once about a day at the beach or what they did over the Summer holidays. Nobody wants to write that ever again and the teachers who are presented with such essays definitely don’t want to read any more of them. For their sakes just as much as for your own you should avoid such topics.

Some are out of your range

A topic that sounds great may require knowledge that you lack and are unable to acquire in time for submission. This may result in an essay that seems false or even degrading whether you intended for it to be that way or not.

Some topics aren’t right for highschool

Every teacher is unique. Some will be impressed by your bold topic choices and reward you for them with high marks. Others will be horrified by some choices and not only downgrade you, they may start treating you like a deviant from that point on due to their own prejudices. Keep this in mind before you choose a topic that they just can’t handle at your school.

Here are some topics you can consider:

  1. Weightlifting as a woman who is a pre-operative transsexual
  2. Surfing in a hurricane ravaged sea
  3. The day I switched nationalities for good
  4. Religious intolerance as observed by an agnostic
  5. Driving across the desert in a Sport Utility Vehicle
  6. The line between Neatness and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
  7. Unexpected weight-loss in the previously obese
  8. The changing of the seasons on another planet
  9. Learning circus contortion as a previously untrained adult
  10. Recovering a political career after a much publicized video tape scandal
  11. Exploring the higher astral planes while comatose
  12. The modern world if travel by sea had never become possible
  13. Losing all of one’s teeth in a bar fight over nothing

Thirteen descriptive essays topics of a variety you might not have considered writing before should be enough to keep you busy for some time. Just remember, you can always mix and match to create brand new ones as well.