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20 Interesting Synthesis Essay Prompts To Choose From

A synthesis essay is the type of paper where the writer has to link different works or parts of a work to support a larger perspective. This perspective will be the main idea or theme of your paper and you will use data from different sources to present this perspective to your audience. It is important for such a paper to connect well and maintain a flow for the readers. Your writing should not have any gaps and make it easier for the readers to follow your ideas.

The title of your synthesis essay is important and you can use this company to help you create a strong one. Your teachers expect you to come up with an original idea because this will make your paper interesting. It is a test of your creativity that you convince your readers to read the rest of your assignment by looking at the title.

If you are not sure what should be the title of your paper, then you should look at the following examples. Remember that these are only suggestions and you will have to alter or edit them based on your interests and preferences. One thing to keep in mind is that your assignment should be unique and the topic you choose should be based on your own ideas. Here are a few suggestions to follow

Topic ideas for a synthesis essay

  1. Wars effect the economy in a drastic way causing irreversible damage
  2. Life spent out of the home teaches you more through practical experienced and exposure
  3. Learning different cultures and travelling makes you a patient and well composed person
  4. People with predictable personalities can have successful relationships because they are easy to understand
  5. Left hand people ought to be richer than right hand people.
  6. The role of carbons I global warming. Why is recycling important
  7. Being a doctor is tougher than being an engineer
  8. Lawyers have the toughest job in the world
  9. Baby boys are comparatively naughtier as to girls
  10. Eating disorders show anxiety
  11. Post-traumatic stress disorder in veterans
  12. Violence in media
  13. Cartoons spreading biasness
  14. Terrorism is not associated to a certain religion
  15. Divide and rule
  16. Why is diamond so expensive
  17. Mass urban migration
  18. Life in village is better
  19. Organic foods consumption
  20. Legalizing marijuana