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How To Get An Expository Essay Example For Kids

Expository writing is meant to explain, describe, give information, or inform, which leaves a wide range of possible topics and formats for an expository essay. Having an example can be very helpful for kids who are trying to write their first expository assignment, as it will help them decide what to include in it, and how to organize their thoughts. There are a few places to start if you’re looking for examples essays:

Ask their teacher

If your student has been assigned a paper for one of their classes, consider asking their teacher for an example. They may have excellent ones from past classes that they have saved. This is your best option, as it will show your student specifically what their teacher is looking for and considers an ‘A’ paper. When approaching a teacher for an example, make sure you are clear that its is mean to be just that—an example—and not something to copy. Chances are they will appreciate that your student is going out of their way to do well on the paper.

Online searches

A simple online search can help you find dozens of expository essay examples, though they may not all be relevant for kids. When searching online for samples, it is important to be aware that not all of them that you’ll find will be good quality. Before giving them to your student as an example, read through them to make sure that they have a clear topic, are well organized, well written, and uses proper citations. Some papers you’ll find online are written by non-native English speakers and may have confusing syntax, wording, or improper citations.

Writing contests

Another great resource for finding age appropriate samples for your student is past winners from writing contests. Many schools, towns, and community organizations host writing contests for students, typically with a specific topic, but which generally fall into the expository writing category. Chances are you’ll only be able to access the winners in their archives, but they’ll be the best examples anyway. If you know of a writing contest in your area you can contact them directly, or if they have a website they’ll likely have past winners posted on it.

Regardless of where you are getting a sample paper for your student, it’s important to help them understand how to use it as an example. Highlight important features of it, such as the thesis statement, organization, and citations.